About Us

About Us

We are a group of people that have all been affected by Public Rights of Way claims.

We live in all areas of the UK and have united together because of the problems and difficulties we all suffer because of it.

We are not large landowners with vast estates. We are ordinary people with ordinary homes.

Until now many of us have battled alone to protect our homes. Some have been on this lonely and stressful journey for over 30 years. Many have given up either through lack of money to fight the system or through unbearable levels of stress.

All we wish for is our human rights to privacy in our own homes and gardens.

We are not anti access or trying to deny others their rights to enjoy the countryside. We want to find solutions. Suggesting that an ancient path goes through someone’s living room, then spending thousands of pounds of taxpayers money to prove it, is just not common sense.

It is criminal that applicants can drag out a claim for many years.

Neither is having three paths all going the same way and keeping the one which goes through a private garden.

The Peppard case took 50 years to resolve.

In the Peppard case the victims both grew old and died never knowing that it was proved that a right of way never existed on their property in the first place.

Unbelievably the British Horse Society have put in yet another claim of a bridleway on this same property.


We have now found our voice. Please help us to be heard.

contact email address rightsofwaymyrow@gmail.com