ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 11th March 2022

ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 11th March 2022

Inquiry adjourned for nine months!

After nine years of pressure from Norfolk County Council, Thompson And Merton Parish Councils, Norfolk Local Access Forum, Local Ramblers and various other Access Obsessed groups I finally thought that the end of this obscene intrusion into my life would end.

My objection is not to the adjournment of the inquiry but to the NINE months it apparently takes to arrange another date!
I do wonder just how long this will go on.

Apart from anything else questions should be asked ;

  1. With FOUR Public footpaths, No. 13 Cycle track, The Pingo trail and Peddars Way passing straight though the Parish just why does anyone need a public short cut through my garden?
  2. Is this WANT, mostly by pressure groups, really worth all the THOUSANDS of pounds of Public Money being spent to make this claim?
  3. The claim is for a Byway Open To All Traffic but residents only want a Footpath. Is it really worth the risk that a BOAT will be confirmed involving nothing less than destruction of countryside and felling of ancient woodland?

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