ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 27th September 2021

ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 27th September 2021

I can hardly believe that over a year has passed since I wrote this diary. To summarise, covid knocked any chance of my inquiry going ahead in the past year and another has been arranged for February 2022.

Don’t imagine that, in the world of Public Rights of Way, you ever just forget about it for a while and take up where you left off a year later! I guess that what the ‘claimers’ do. Just pop in an application with a suspect map or two of 1886 showing an old track and then sit back.

That’s not for victims of claims, of course. There is not one single day goes by without it invading your life and thoughts.

I have written a lot of letters, hundreds of emails, written to newspapers, attended virtual and blended inquiries and put in a few ‘example’ claims of my own to try and show the ‘public’ just what is going on. It still baffles me that the general public seem unconcerned about the Ramblers so called ‘lost paths’, 49,000 of them to be precise. Are people so unconcerned that they haven’t noticed that even those with just a small garden lawn could find that a claim is made right across the middle of it?

Sadly, the reality is that unless you are personally affected you do not realise just what the possibilities are.

So, all that’s left now is to start ‘gearing up’ again for February ………check………

Files in order

Document table arranged

More visits to Record Offices

Check evidence and statements of case

Gather troops

Wade through Norfolk County Councils ‘fairytale’…………

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