Edgmond Parish Council lead the Way! Let’s pray that others follow!

Edgmond Parish Council lead the Way! Let’s pray that others follow!

Rights of Way in Edgmond

Edgmond Parish has over 14 miles of public Rights of Way that provide a valuable means of access into the local rural environment. 

Edgmond Footpath Group

This Group emerged out of the Environment Open Day that was held in the Village Hall in 2009. The Group has jointly walked all the Rights of Way in the parish and reported back to the Rights of Way Officer at Telford & Wrekin Council using a standardised format. This has helped to provide the basis for maintenance projects.

The Group has also been working with local landowners and other interest groups to present a series of proposals to make changes to the local rights of way network. In some cases this will merely formalise routes that have actually taken over from the true rights of way – as for example over land owned by Harper Adams University. In other areas – such as in Caynton & Calvington – the aim has been to create a full circuit with no gaps…..

…….and to remove intrusive footpaths ending in farmyards or back gardens. 

The Group has aimed to balance the needs of all users and has suggested upgrading some routes to allow greater access while others may be diverted or removed.

The proposals for changes to routes across Harper Adams University land have now become a reality. Although OS maps have not yet caught up with the changes, you will find the routes clearly marked on the ground. There is still some way to go before the proposals for Caynton and Calvington become a reality, but the Parish Council is hopeful that  this project will eventually be completed.

Update February 2021

Members discussed the route and it was confirmed that the track from Robin Lane to the gate, although muddy is not unusable. The track itself is fine, although it is accepted that it will always be muddy in the Winter. However, the issue is below the kissing gate. This has been a serious problem since the installation and the route, across the cultivated field, is practically unusable.
It may be that a diversion could be considered to change the route to follow the fence / hedge and this could be a benefit for the landowner as they would not need to cultivate the route.

Members would value the opinion of the Ramblers and it was agreed that the Chairman and Vice Chairman could have a virtual meeting with representatives of HAU to discuss any options available.

They are still co operating and using common sense. Let’s hope the local ramblers advice is to do the same! Although judging by the 49,000miles of claims regardless of where they go I don’t hold out much hope!

Perhaps PC should stand for Parish Co operation and Common Sense instead of Parish Council.

As far as Ramblers are concerned it seems to stand for Potty Claims and Conflict.

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