Call for Organised Trespass includes our gardens and maybe yours too!

Call for Organised Trespass includes our gardens and maybe yours too!

A mass trespass campaign has been started by Nick Hayes, and Guy Shrubsole. They advocate that people replace ALL private and keep out signs with ‘You are Welcome’ ones.

This may superficially seem a laudable request. The downtrodden ‘public’ rising up against the greedy landowner. Claiming back ‘their rights’ to the countryside.

BUT…….. Do you consider that your small garden is countryside?
Are YOU the greedy large landowner of a huge estate?
Do YOU think that ALL groups are entitled to access?
4×4’s? Off Road vehicles? Motorbikes?

The call for Mass Tresspass recognises NONE of the above. It gives no thought to the victims of Modification Claims who are already vilified by access groups such as the Ramblers for even daring to suggest that one size does not fit all!

NO ONE is concerned that ‘ordinary’ homeowners are having their lives massively affected and disrupted by years and years of uncertainty, stress and worry by the ‘access obsessed’ groups and those out just to find satisfaction in fighting some ‘cause’ or other, regardless of the harm it afflicts to others on the way.

The Government even have a deregulation bill, just needing a signature, which states that Public rights of Way should not go through gardens. Other Rights to Roam laws also make stipulations about gardens.

In England, the homeowners garden is fodder for attack from BOTH side of a ‘war’.

It can be claimed as an ‘ancient’ Public right of Way AND it can be claimed under a Right to Roam!

Ramblers will have NO hesitation in claiming it. Of the 49,000 miles marked on their maps, many routes, already marked blue, are though gardens on housing estates ( NOT estates of landed gentry!)


Land ownership, or rather, how land ownership is defined in England, is at the very heart of the climate and ecological crisis. It is the mechanism that has encouraged the drive for personal profit to exploit nature, to bleed our common wealth, mine our land, tear up our forests, destroy our hedgerows and poison our rivers. It is the crux of our climate and ecological crisis.

(My Goodness……….I seem to have a lot to answer for!!!!!)

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