2017 11th May……3+ years ago……

2017 11th May……3+ years ago……

For the attention of Thompson Parish Council

In regard to your email of 17th May I would respectfully point out that there are several misconceptions contained within it. Firstly the ‘route’ was never on the definitive map and Norfolk County Council stated that no public right of way existed. It follows therefore that Thompson Parish Council were not ‘applying for re-instatement’. They were applying for
the addition of a footpath. This was rejected. Norfolk County Council did not ‘make a decision’ that the route was a soft road. It is not possible for them to do this.
The evidence, for the assumption they have made, requires to be proven in court, if indeed they are confident that the evidence they have is sufficient to do this. At the last PCC meeting I put forward that Thompson Parish Council had failed to consult the Parishioners on a matter which could result in serious implications for many of them, myself included. I wish to put forward the following points in order to qualify this statement.

  1. No member of Thompson Parish Council has made any contact with us concerning this issue at any time in three years.
  2. We became aware of the application by TPC only after the modification process had started.
  3. The views of residents have not been sort or heard. They have neither been informed nor consulted.
  4. Concerns about extra traffic, lack of pavements, street lighting, poor road maintenance and the fear of increased theft have all been recently expressed by residents.
  5. Thompson Parish Council have assumed, incorrectly, that they have no further responsibility to residents of Thompson after putting in the original modification order. They, in fact, had 40 days in which to object to the order. An objection would have resulted in the continuation of a democratic and fair enquiry with both sides being able to present evidence. This failure is inexcusable.
  6. We suggest that TPC are now upholding the unproven and assumed rights of the general public and not the rights or interests of their Parishioners, as is their Policy statement on their website.
  7. ALL those affected (i.e. the whole Parish) should have been consulted when Norfolk County Council produced their ‘consultation’ tick box.
  8. NCC prepared letters for residents of Pockthorpe Lane. Why did they not send them?
  9. Last year we were officially threatened with prosecution and given a date by which to unlock our gargen gate. Norfolk County Council did not follow through with this threat either.
  10. It is just not good enough for Thompson Parish Council to ‘opt out’, say that the matter will be dealt with by the courts. The Parish Council still have a right of veto to any proposal to stop up…..indeed they could say that they now have no belief that the route is a public right of way at all….
  11. TPC should support the statutory declaration by Lord Walsingham that a road has never physically existed on the ground.
  12. What will TPC have to say to residents when all the single issue groups are in court pressing for access by 4×4’s and trail bikes?……”sorry we didn’t think you would be interested”?

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