The finding of ‘lost paths’ by the Ramblers is a propaganda campaign.

The finding of ‘lost paths’ by the Ramblers is a propaganda campaign.

The inference is that the paths ‘found’ are already Public Highways.They are not.The paths ‘found’ are historic tracks based on maps circa 1886.

The Ramblers must now search for any evidence that they were ever publicCounty councils are obliged to investigate ‘reasonable’ allegations. Costs are from the public purse.

All councils already have a huge backlog of allegations/applications to investigate. This can take up to 30 years.NO account is taken of the route of the paths. They can go through any garden,farmyard,housing estate or even living room.

The victim of a claim is left indefinitely for any decision to be made.

ANY dispute where the landowner objects to the claim is sent to the Secretary of State and an inquiry process is commenced.

There follows another indefinite wait for a public inquiry.

Each Public inquiry costs the public purse many thousands of pounds.

Having waited years, a decision that in fact NO public rights ever existed, the property or landowner can claim no compensation and in the main costs are non-recoverable. No compensation or costs in nearly all cases.There are,and have been in the past, many people who have suffered immeasurably from an abominable system based purely on a ‘numbers game’ from those with the leisurely ‘pastime’ of putting in mindless and dubious claims, often for their own leisure pursuits.

Ramblers have already had 70 years to ‘find’ paths. They must not be allowed to suggest that another 49,000 miles of dubious claims should entitle them to any further time beyond 2026.

The government should ratify the deregulation bill immediately.

Anyone concerned that a path may be claimed through their own land should act now. a) Demand that the ramblers publish exactly where their 49,000 miles of path are. b) obtain house insurance to cover a modification order against them.

2 thoughts on “The finding of ‘lost paths’ by the Ramblers is a propaganda campaign.

  1. Most ramblers probably dont realise what damage they are doing. They are just led on blindly by their leaders blinkered attitude, thinking they are doing something good, whereas they are really ruining people’s lives!

  2. You are so right. I am sure that if the true rambler understood that we are asking for public footpaths not to go through people’s homes and gardens and for diversions to be allowed to avoid working farms and dangerous farmyards they would put pressure on their leadership to give assurances that these exceptions are made to their ‘blanket’ claims of ‘lost footpaths’.

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