Cowards of the ‘Anonymous’ Complaint.

Cowards of the ‘Anonymous’ Complaint.

It’s really not nice when an anonymous member of the public makes a complaint about you. It’s even worse when you know that their complaint stems from perhaps a personal dislike, a jealousy or just a sheer desire to get you into trouble.

I suffered yet another of these ‘made up’ anonymous complaints again last week. Fortunately I am of an age that affords me a very thick skin concerning these matters and I am happily able to ignore it and treat it with the scorn it deserves.

Much more seriously, this week a young female farmer was the subject of an anonymous complaint. The complaint was ill founded but the stress caused was too much and resulted in the young farmer taking her own life.

Any anonymous accusation is the lowest of the low in my book. If you have a worry or concern why not be neighbourly and go and find out your facts first and even more importantly put your money where your mouth is and stand by your opinions or accusations.

Had this anonymous person gone to see this young farmer to discuss the situation she would undoubtedly still be alive today. Personally, I would not like that on my conscience.   

Ann Scott

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