A Remote video hearing is Totally unacceptable!

A Remote video hearing is Totally unacceptable!

Aside from the fact that these so called PROW inquiries Should be in a Court of Law not a village hall, they certainly should not be relegated to a ‘do it yourself’ Zoom meeting!

Each time I consider any aspect of the PROW system I think that this pseudo judicial set up cannot possibly get any worse. I am continually proved wrong.

If Norfolk County Council want Public Rights over anyones home or property then they should have to prove those rights exist in no less than a court of law.

To the suggestion of a Zoom meeting my reply was as follows:

Any kind of remote hearing would not fulfil my right to be heard. Something I have been denied for eight years! An unaccompanied site visit is unacceptable. This case is NOT being determined at the convenience of Norfolk County Council using the current situation as an excuse. I have nothing to defend. The onus of proof for their outrageous claim is entirely on their shoulders and must be heard in public.

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