ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 21st JUNE 2020 Eleven Months Later!

ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 21st JUNE 2020 Eleven Months Later!

Let’s not elaborate on this because in Public Rights of Way there are only three speeds SLOW, VERY SLOW AND STOP!

Ok so we finally got the Order…….zzzzzzz

Meanwhile we’ve played damage limitations and built a beautiful new house!

Now please don’t get the idea we have any intention of giving up our fight for justice and common sense, along with all the other victims of this corrupt and ‘not fit for purpose’ system. We most certainly have not!

Norfolk County Council are still wasting YOUR money to uphold the idea that, 100 YEARS ago, there was a vehicular road through three lots of private land, through woodland and a field of sheep.

A ‘shortcut’ from nowhere to nowhere.

A BOAT that nobody ((except 4×4’s and trail bikes ) want.
Just to stop them falling into that ‘big hole’ they’ve dug!

Of course the inquiry was Cancelled Indefinitely because of the pandemic.

The council poster man came and went a couple of times to put up irrelevant information. Still I suppose it kept him in a job.

so there we are…….waiting again………zzzzzzz

At least we have a lovely new house to move into and hopefully we will stay there left in peace to enjoy what remains of our retirement!

Just as long as a Byway Open to All Traffic doesn’t cut a scar past our home and through the countryside!

4 thoughts on “ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 21st JUNE 2020 Eleven Months Later!

  1. There are a very great many “Victims” in the same BOAT as Ann and her family…. either they already have a BOAT dividing their garden, ;land or farm yard or or are anxiously awaiting the outcome of a claim.
    Meanwhile once again there is an “excuse” for not activating the DeRegulation Act….. this one is called “the pandemic”…. and I greatly sympathise with anyone who has suffered in any way during this monstrous virus….BUT
    does this mean that everyone in the Government’s employ is totally engaged in the Covid 19 crisis… there no-one available to deal with other important and relevant issues?

  2. Oh and I forgot to say….. meanwhile the Covid 19 pandemic and being locked down has not interfered with my preparing an extremely comprehensive Application to Delete the BOAT on our farm in Somerset. It has every indication of opening up an enormous can of watch this space, as they say !

  3. I’m pleased to see that the fight goes on. The delays are standard government (and big business) tactics to wear you down and wait until you either give up, run out of money, or die. Tobacco and asbestos problems are some I have been involved with.

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