The Government have a duty to Get Deregulation Done

The Government have a duty to Get Deregulation Done

Originally footpaths were local and used by people for a purpose.
The ‘rules’ now governing these paths are archaic and fail to meet the needs of todays society.

Footpaths that used to be for getting to work, visiting a neighbour or going to church are now required for recreation and tourism.

The demand is great from ‘extra’ users which now include horse riders,cyclists,4×4’s,motorbikes and walkers who no longer ‘need’ the paths but want them for recreation.

  • The archaic laws allow for a free for all.
  • The system cannot cope with the number of claims.
  • Common sense says that the rules and system must change.

Where recreational access can sensibly be given and expanded this represents moving forward, filling and satisfying people’s changing needs.

Where access is unsuitable and detrimental to other people’s human rights and livelihoods then the same common sense should be applied.

The deregulation legislation guidance, which sensibly advises that “ no public rights of way through gardens and farmyards”, should be applied immediately.

Everyone should be able to empathise With the needs and wishes of everyone else. At the moment each ‘side’ thinks their ‘Cause’ is the only correct one. The ‘system’ sets up an adversarial, confrontational, unpleasant and unnecessary divide between them.

This results in a wicked waste of resources and public funds.

The government have the power to stop this and it is their duty to everyone to do so.

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