For Patrick ❤️

For Patrick ❤️

I saw the article ‘If supermarkets can stay open so can churches’. I sent it to our Vicar who hopes, as I do, that the hierarchy of the Church will soon see sense. Meanwhile he’s got a bottle of gin and I’m tidying out cupboards.

I equated the article with Public Rights of Way in that common sense is a little lacking in both. Ie; I can walk on a narrow PROW, touch any manner of gates and tread though home owners gardens or farmers yards but I can’t enter my local church ( which struggles to get anyone to do that at the best of times) for a few minutes, to offer a quick prayer or two. Mind you, that only applies in England as Wales at least sees the danger of keeping PROW open and have closed all theirs.

My other activity whilst confined to barracks, apart from cupboard tidying, is to carry on assisting myself and others who find themselves in the horns of a PROW dispute. I figured that you might be my best contact as you deal with all sorts of sport. Your usual sports may have dried up a bit lately but never fear, the Ramblers have invented three new ones

1. The 2026 ‘lost’ footpath race. ( alternative relay)
2. The race to get to the top of the councils modification pile. ( alternative slow cycle average time 30 years)
3. The slowest order determination ever. ( alternative marathon current record 52 years)

My PROW advisor can assist with any information and race statistics you need as he is already the inventor and chief organiser of the Famous World Egg Throwing Championships.

My other PROW advisor currently holds the record for the longest Public Enquiry into one Claimed Footpath. She won the race after 52 years when sadly the brother and sister competitors had both expired before reaching the finishing post.

We don’t really object to the Ramblers claiming any amount of muddy jungle mosquito ridden tracks. We just resent it when their routes go through our small gardens, kitchens, living rooms or farm yards. One assumes that they see us as providing walkers water stations as they pass. So,  it’s full circle and back to common sense, on which common law is based.

There is a deregulation bill, of course, but that has been hijacked first by Brexit and now the virus. (Virus 10 Victims 0)

If you could run a commentary on the three races that would be great. We are the underdogs after all. Amateurs against paid professionals. Individuals against well oiled organisations. We are racing against the odds.

One thought on “For Patrick ❤️

  1. A very well delivered expose on a subject which is normally associated with the “poisoned chalice” – a problem passed swiftly on to someone else. However, there should be a mention of the person who bravely “initiated” challenges to these outrageous claims i.e. Anna O’Keefe .. whose actions brought attention right to the House of Lords and many other owners of land that “use” of private land by local residents or use based on goodwill towards neighbours was not an indication that the said private land had been “dedicated” in perpetuity by the owner to the use of the general public, that is Uncle Tom Cobley and All. The fact is that most of the general public appear to believe that land in general is there for the recreation of their choice. That it is not “private”property. At the same time of course those insisting they have “rights” to use others’ private property – insist that their own gardens, yards, orchards, paddocks are Private property – not available for “use” by the general public.
    When is common sense ever going to prevail?

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