One Council publish their ‘Advice‘ to those with a PROW through their gardens. They should be ASHAMED!!!

One Council publish their ‘Advice‘ to those with a PROW through their gardens. They should be ASHAMED!!!

Advice as Follows;

[“People living in close proximity to public rights of way are reminded that the public have a legal right to use a Public Right of Way, and that they should not block or obstruct paths.

Some paths pass close to residential properties, and in some cases through gardens, but with sensible precautions there is no reason that this would increase the risk to householders of contracting Coronavirus.

Public rights of way provide an opportunity for local people to take exercise and get some fresh air in these difficult times. However, people should not be making special journeys to access them, and should not congregate on public rights of way. If there is a particular problem with people congregating on a right of way then the Police should be informed who have powers to disperse such groups.

Where residents living near Public Rights of Way have concerns then they should exercise suitable precautions to ensure social distancing from people on the path. They may also want to regularly clean any gate latches or other surfaces on any paths across their property.

The Council will take any further actions necessary in the event of any changes to legislation or Government guidance but at this time there are no plans to close public rights of way.

This advice will be published on the Council ’s website, as will any updates, should the situation change.”]

The Human Rights of those who are subjected to Public Rights of Way through their property, should be enforced.NOW!

Yet again those people affected by Public Rights of Way passing through gardens and farms and uncomfortably close to personal living spaces are ignored.

The Earl of Caithness (Con) saysAs a footpath walker, I do not want to walk through somebody’s farmyard. It is bad for disease and bad for the farm.”

Lord Carrington (CB) Says “We have all heard of the unintended horror cases, such as a livestock farmer in East Anglia who has owned his farm for more than 50 years and carefully maintains existing rights of way on his land, who suddenly faces the prospect of a byway in the middle of his farm buildings. Within living memory, there has been no public path on this route and no public use of it. This claim would ruin his business, as there can be no gates or other barriers on a byway.“

REALLY? Have WE all heard this. Have the Ramblers ‘heard this’. Or have they ‘heard’ and ignored? AGAIN!

How many more years must those afflicted wait for the deregulation bill to be implemented?
”The Secretary of State shall have regard to the presumption that footpaths should not pass through farmyards, gardens, commercial premises or other land where privacy, safety or security are an issue.”

A ‘victim’ has been obliged to make his own poster.

We are hounded by Obsessed Access groups, let down by County Councils, misunderstood by the General Public and ignored by Government.

And Now Threatened By a Pandemic!

One thought on “One Council publish their ‘Advice‘ to those with a PROW through their gardens. They should be ASHAMED!!!

  1. I agree with the Notice and am annoyed that pleas to the Government to formally advise County Councils that closure for the time being of “vulnerable” paths should be the “norm” are being ignored – nothing has been done.
    The same can be said of the requests for implementation of the DeRegulation Act 2015….Many of us will probably go to our graves before this much-needed Act is activated – or the Select Committee’s agreement that there is a need for Reform of Public Rights of Way law.

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