ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 7th March 2020

ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 7th March 2020

Nearly one year since I created this web site. How time flies! Actually it is one year exactly on April 7th. The irony of the date is not lost on me in that April 7th 2020 is the date of the enquiry!

Number seven seems to take prominence in that it is now seven years since this whole nightmare began.

If I even thought that It would all be over on April 7th the date might prove momentous, in one way or another, but I am now a hardened campaigner so unfortunately I have no expectation of this becoming a reality.

My garden could still be a target for The access obsessed who see themselves as the champions of public rights of way of any description regardless of any common sense or cost to the public purse.

Over the last seven years the PROW issue has dominated Each and every single day. It has cost me personally thousands of pounds in advice, research, travel, books and maps. Every few years I will get a comment from someone saying “goodness are you STILL doing that?” Then they will carry on with their lives and I will be left in the same place.

I often wonder if any of the various myriads of Norfolk County Council employees from the numerous departments ever stop to think of the years of stress and anxiety they cause to victims of these claims. Like all employees they come and go and the life changing events for victims can be forgotten and archived For any endless numbers of years.

Of course it should be said that there are TWO other landowners affected who doubtless are spending money on solicitors etc. They, however, are more fortunate in that They do not live ‘on site’ and the ‘other end’ of the claimed track has no obvious access. I doubt they have had hassle with walkers, cyclists, horse riders and 4×4’s demanding their rights. I am targeted because I am ‘obvious’. I am the one seen to be ‘blocking’ their way. Its ALL ‘my fault’!

I wish they would just take a little time to realise that it was previously Thompson Parish Council and now Norfolk County Council who are the ones doing the CLAIMING.

I am merely RESPONDING to that claim. In other words I did NOT start this procedure.

Perhaps they might give just a little thought as to what THEY would do faced with such a CLAIM. Would they respond with “ yes, of course I will allow the GENERAL public to wander through my garden at any time at all. Of course 4×4’s ,horses and cyclists are entitled to make mud and ruts and disturb the quiet enjoyment of my home any time day or night. Of course I will keep all my animals out of the way and on a lead so they don’t growl at intruders ( and that’s only the chickens). Of course I don’t mind paying for removal of any rubbish anyone cares to dump…………..”

Yet this seems to be what MY response is supposed to be, because; “ it was always a public path wasn’t it?” NO IT WASNT. “ You bought it knowing there was a public path didn’t you ?” NO I DIDN’T. “ Norfolk County Council can’t be wrong can they?” YES THEY CAN.

I do also wonder what the true cost to the public purse amounts to. PROW officers, legal teams, highway departments, secretaries, lawyers and even barristers!…………………

Set against me ………one 72 year old granny!

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