A taste of possible things to come for Pockthorpe Lane Thompson?

A taste of possible things to come for Pockthorpe Lane Thompson?

On my return from Church this Sunday lunchtime I am met by two 4×4 off road vehicles about to remove my no entry tape and drive though my garden in order to ‘find’ the ‘soft Road’ that Norfolk County Council advertise as ‘maintained’ on their interactive map!

The blame for this confrontational meeting is entirely at the door of Norfolk County Council who certainly DO NOT maintain a soft road through my garden and NEVER have done!

NCC Interactive map is a lie which deceives anyone reading it into demanding their public rights.

Since NCC ADDED It to their Interactive Map in 2017 ( A unilateral decision with NO TEST of their claim, NO proof of ADOPTION or DEDICATION and NO LEGAL documents) it has set up confrontation, argument and general unpleasantness.

This is TWO years before a legal enquiry where Norfolk County Council are required to PROVE their claim.

4 thoughts on “A taste of possible things to come for Pockthorpe Lane Thompson?

  1. A prime example of what has been happening in other parts of the country….. one 4×4 rider claimed the landowner was “irresponsible” for letting the Grandson “play” on a public vehicular highway – an alleged highway which had been the farm yard since time immemorial. Other 4×4 riders who “cannot find” the alleged public vehicular highway drive into the Home field and around the garden fence before giving in and retracing their way back to the undisputed highway.

  2. As I said, the entire blame is with Norfolk County Council for advertising that they MAINTAIN a soft road, leading people to try to assert rights which they do not have. When the 4×4 drivers realised the true position they were very reasonable and pleasant. I gave them permission to turn round in my drive instead of backing up the length of the Lane, as they had done in 2017.

  3. 6 weeks before your inquiry a Notice advertising your Inquiry has to erected advertising your Inquiry …make sure you blow it up…in the sense you make it BIGGER….also place blown up copies around the village.

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