They are not backing down……

They are not backing down……

… Rights of Way issues they never do!

People sit up and take notice when the whole Lake District is threatened ( and quite rightly so)……but …..

What about smaller areas of the countryside, including through MY GARDEN where BOAT is claimed? ( Byway Open To All Traffic)……..


F GLittle Langdale, ENG, United Kingdom

21 DEC 2019 — 

The Lake District National Park Authority has formally stated that it is not backing down. Neither is our campaign. Lawyers are now preparing the application for Judicial Review to the High Court.

On our CowdJustice page, we have 18 days left to reach our £60k funding target. We are halfway there, but the next two weeks are crucial.

Over Christmas, please tell everyone about our case. Email them with a message headed ‘Will you help save the Lake District?’ And ask them to go to our CowdJustice page.

Thank you!

One thought on “They are not backing down……

  1. I cannot understand why any parish council wishes to support an application to create a new byway through a quiet cul de sac and beyond in to your garden.

    Why they want to encourage off road road vehicles, four and two wheel vehicles in a rural area is beyond comprehension.

    And the motives of the county in pushing for this claim seem strange to put it mildly. Is common decency and respect for other people’s property completely lost on these bureaucrats?

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