Who ‘pays’ for Council incompetence, errant inspectors and blatant Government Cover up? YOU DO!

Who ‘pays’ for Council incompetence, errant inspectors and blatant Government Cover up? YOU DO!

The Kirklees High Court decision that finally Agreed with all the evidence that the Bradley’s had put in front of the council and inspectorate for eleven years proved that;

  • Kirklees Council were WRONG
  • The Rights of Way Officer was WRONG
  • The Inspector Acting for the Secretary of State was WRONG

This is just ONE example of ;

  • Complete incompetence by those in authority.
  • A Rights of way system no longer fit for purpose.
  • Attempted deceit by Access groups.

This was only found out when someone with both the balls and financial means to challenge a corrupt system had the strength and tenacity to fight injustice for more than ELEVEN YEARS!

 What about those poor unfortunates that are brow beaten by authority into submission or can’t raise the huge funds to mount such a fight?  

Indeed, it’s worth noting that when Court papers were served upon the defendants both replied that they would vigorously defend their position.

This caused the need for greater expense on the plaintiffs part, only for the defendants to then give up when it became clear that the matter was undefendable.

This, of course, won’t happen.

It was suggested that this win casts doubt upon all decisions made by the errant Inspector and that previous decisions should all be reviewed.

The Inspectorate prides itself on its fairness and professionalism. They point to the fact that their judgements rarely get overturned!

Does that actually PROVE their assertion?

 Well of course not!

  • How many people have access to the amount of cash to fund such a challenge?
  • How many people know the arguments to lodge?
  • This is NOT standard solicitor stuff!!!

Only one question;

Do the General Public REALLY support an excess of £250K of PUBLIC FUNDS being used for ONE eleven year vendetta for access rights over private property.

I doubt it!!!

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