Support from another Victim.

Support from another Victim.

The footpath in my garden has now been 100% free from any intrusion whatsoever since march 2017 after a long nightmare.

My partner and I purchased a small piece of waste land at the bottom of our garden.

We had never seen anyone using it as a path and it continued to be unused for over forty eight years.

It was overgrown and did not go anywhere. It was a cul-de-sac due to previous development. 

We cleared and planted this small plot making all our garden something to be proud of. The waste land was not used from 1998 to 2016 as our garden gate was chained.

In 2016 we were subjected to a campaign of harassment and damage to our property.

We received a solicitors letter telling us to take our gate off as we were blocking a highway.

There then followed a long legal process, causing both of us severe stress and health issues, my partner already undergoing cancer treatment and myself collapsing spending time in hospital. 

I am still very much involved and will do anything I can to help us all.

Alan bowers kindly sent me his book the path and I.

What a man and gentleman. I read his story in the Sunday Telegraph.

Please note this letter is only a brief few lines of much that was involved.

Good luck to all those good people whose lives are interrupted on a regular or irregular basis. 

Nigel and Sheila Swindon Wilts.

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