ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 22nd September

ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 22nd September

When you have Councils and societies promoting any form of public access regardless of legitimate claim, impact on individuals or cost to the public purse, it becomes an all consuming daily worry if you are burdened with a claim against you.

You become powerless, with no control over the weeks, months and years this black cloud will be hovering over you. You find that people you have never seen or spoken to have comments and opinions about not only their claim but about your private land, garden and worse still you personally.

It seems that anyone can say or write anything with total impunity.

It takes only one map C1800 to make a claim over some unsuspecting persons home.

The cost to the ‘claimer’ is NOTHING.

The victim of the claim can now wait indefinitely ( over 30 YEARS in some cases) for the alleged claim to even be looked at yet alone determined.

The ‘claimers’ can now get on with their lives and give not even a passing thought to any devastation caused or they may even enjoy their new found pastime and go on courses to ‘find’ other ‘lost paths’.

These so called ‘lost’ paths are NOT already public rights of Way. They are NOT on the definitive map. They can go over gardens or even through people’s houses.

The current system of Public Rights of Way is unjust on all levels.

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