Costs to the public purse for PROW claims are spiralling! And That was in 2017 TWO YEARS AGO!

Costs to the public purse for PROW claims are spiralling! And That was in 2017 TWO YEARS AGO!

Telegraph September 10th 2017

Essex County Council has spent a staggering £310,000 investigating claims for public footpaths over the last five years, and more than £40,000 defending their decisions when members of the public objected.

Cardiff Council has spent £228,000 investigating 38 claims in the last five years – including 25 in the last year alone – and £92,000 processing 23 rights of way orders, while South Gloucestershire Council said it has spent £36,641 investigating nine applications over the same period.

Kent County Council estimates it is spending £32, 000 a year handling rights of way claims but said it has such a large backlog of applications that many received in the last five years are yet to be allocated to an officer.

Monmouthshire Council said it currently has a staggering 1,209 enforcement issues on record.

Bedford Borough Council revealed it had received four claims of a public right of way, which it spent £3,000 investigating, one of which led to a public inquiry, costing £15,000 before eventually being rejected by the secretary of state.

The Local Government Association criticised the spiralling costs.

If costs were spiralling out of control TWO YEARS AGO. What are they doing NOW?

And these,of course are only costs which are admitted by the councils

Actual costs are almost incalculable. How much do you really think it costs to have a solicitor, barrister and a couple of staff sitting in a village hall for two of three days?

They don’t just turn up and wing it.  They have to write, review and discuss those 485 pages of evidence. 

Some council employee had to go out and find all that stuff. It then had to go to Councillors and be discussed.  

How much does a planning inspector cost ? ………………………………………………..And not just him but his support staff?

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