Norfolk Public Rights of Way claimed by Dr L.David Ormerod MB BS MBA MSC FRCP FRCS DTM&H…..yes really…..

Norfolk Public Rights of Way claimed by Dr L.David Ormerod MB BS MBA MSC FRCP FRCS DTM&H…..yes really…..

Mr Ormerod has also stated that he is the Rights of Way Officer for Swaffham but the present Swaffham Clerk didnt know that they had one.

Anyway, Mr Ormerod has taken it upon himself to start claiming private land as a Public Right of Way or Restricted Byway. Land that is NOT ON THE DEFINITIVE MAP

Unfortunately, due to the ludicrous Rights of Way system which allows completely bogus claims to actually be taken seriously, this will mean at least five years of expense and stress for the owners of any property, home or land affected.

Nice one Mr Ormerod! I note that your ‘qualifications’ do not include anything to do with Rights of Way.

The Applications are as follows:

  • Little Cressingham. Not on the Definitive Map.
  • Nth Pickenham. Not on the Definitive Map
  • Swaffham Silver Drift. Not on the Definitive Map and not, as stated presently a Bridleway. The application is for a Restricted Byway.
  • Swaffham Long Lane. Not on the Definitive Map. Application for an ‘extention’ of Long Lane to be a restricted Byway.
  • Swaffham PE37 Shepherds Fold. Not on the definitive map.
  • Sth Acre & Swaffham EH 001 section of Fincham Drove. Not on the Definitive Map. Application for Residential Byway to join a Bridleway.
  • Sth Acre. (2) Not on Definitive Map.
  • Sth Acre (3) Not on Definitive Map.Application for extension of Bridleway. Mr Omerod would also like to grab a bit of the farmers field, if he can, to further extend the non existent Bridleway. ( I wonder why he feels so ‘entitled’ to other people’s land and property.)
  • Pentney PROW. A signed Private Road Not on the Definitive map.

For the victims of Mr Ormerod’s claims they may like to note that Key documents are not offered. They are, the schedules for 1910, parish minutes and survey, draft and provisional maps.

16 thoughts on “Norfolk Public Rights of Way claimed by Dr L.David Ormerod MB BS MBA MSC FRCP FRCS DTM&H…..yes really…..

  1. Evidence either way is not the problem. The catch is, that the process of even considering the evidence can take any amount of time up to and over 30years.
    I will be dead by then having lived with the ‘threat’ of a PROW through my garden, devaluing my property, causing altercation between neighbours and incalculable stress and worry in my retirement years. You speak with forked tongue when you proport to
    claim only rights of way that make sense and complete the network . THAT is not the reality.

  2. Mr Ormerod states that the unmade road from Gooderstone to Shingham through Langwade Green, is to be registered as a Restricted Byway or a Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) . As far as I am aware this road is already registered as a BOAT with Norfolk CC, who are responsible for the maintenance of the road.
    What is this all about? I also question his qualifications!!

  3. Never go just by what you think! If it is a BOAT it will be on the definitive map. Ask Norfolk County Council for copies of the draft, provisional and current definitive map. If it is NOT on there then it is NOT a BOAT and that is why Mr Omerod is claiming it as a restricted Byway. Also look on the List of Streets. If it is not on either then it is not a public highway. Also, if it was not on the list of streets in 2006 and not on the definitive map it cannot be claimed as a BOAT which is probably why Mr Ormerod is claiming a restricted Byway. Why? It’s probably become another hobby of his (along with collecting strings of letters after his name)and he can find nothing better to fill his time and waste tax payers money!

  4. Well I have checked the definitive map modification applications made by Dr David Ormerod of Mill House aka Mr David Ormerod of 7 Mill Lane aka as Mr L D Ormerod of Mill House aka Mr L David of Mill Lane…..This gentleman clearly cannot decide what his name and title is! I note that one claim goes through Poultry Farm…well all I can say that I hope all ‘whatshisname’s’ chickens all come home to roost sooner rather than later…..Unfortunately this is not how the system works. Spurious claims can be made by whatshisnames and whatshernames wherever they live anywhere in England and Wales – even in areas hundreds so miles from where they actually reside. Meanwhile the affected homeowners will have to live with the blight of a claim on their homes and properties for years…..often decades. The health issues caused by stress can lead to suicides …..and the costs of fighting the claim to bankruptcy. These people suffer whilst the claimants think no more about it once their applications are lodged with the local authority……leaving officers and the public purse to deal with the claim…..The applicants don’t even need to pay an application fee. Sending a swerved ball I wonder if say there was an application fee of say £1000 -£3000…that this would stop the spurious and without merit applications … I imagine it would.

    1. Good idea. I certainly imagine that it would! Thank you for pointing out a few home truths. Let’s hope that a few ‘serial’ claimers start to be more selective and realise the untold distress their spurious and unnecessary claims are causing. Not to mention the cost to the tax payers purse.

  5. I have checked the definitive map regarding the unmade road which leads to my house. It is on the definitive map but not over marked by NCC. However, on the NCC road map it is classified as a soft road owned and maintained by the council, also part is marked as a metalled road.
    There are also Norfolk CC concrete posts making the boundary of the road. To claim this as a BOAT is a complete waste of time and Tax payers money as it is fully recorded as a road open to all traffic.

  6. Apparently it CAN be on both the LOS’s and the definitive map. Just why this is I am as puzzled as you are but then there is absolutely nothing that concerns the ludicrous and corrupt Rights of Way system that would now surprise me. By the way, just because it is on the LOS’s does not necessarily mean that it is PUBLIC! and if it isn’t, then perhaps that’s why Mr Ormerod is so keen to claim it!

  7. A further thought for you.
    Was the unmade road on the list of Streets in 2006? When did NCC put it on there? The law says that if it was NOT on the list of streets in 2006 and NOT on the definitive map then it CANNOT be claimed as a BOAT!
    This is what NCC are trying to do with my track. They added it to the LOS in 2016 ( without any due process or proof) it is NOT on the definitive map. They will find that, at the enquiry in April 2020, the order will be unable to be confirmed because it is illegal. All a complete waste of public resources trying to claim something that does not exist and NEVER has!

  8. I have looked at the LOS and the road name which Mr Ormerod has used in his application for a BOAT in not on the list, however, it is listed under the name which we use under 2 reference numbers. I think one number applies to the unmade part of the road and the other to the hard section of road.

    Out of interest I looked for the Cambs definitive map, this is not available on line, only by appointment to view at Cambridge, this will stop a lot of claims.

    I was worried about this application as farm roads meet on our land which are not on any maps, I thought we were in for along battle but the roads in question are not on our land.

  9. Have I missed one of Mr Ormerods applications? I can’t see one for a BOAT. The ones listed all seem to be for footpaths or restricted byways. Which one is yours?

    1906 Gooderstone to Shingham is marked with FP.
    This is NOT proof of a public right of way!
    Until the 1960s, Ordnance Survey maps bore a disclaimer stating that the depiction of any road, track or path does not constitute evidence of the existence of a public right of way.
    The FP no longer exists.

  11. Hi, Does anyone have an email address for Dr Ormerod please. I want to write to him and ask why, and also if he can provide me with copies of all the documents he quotes but NCC don’t have. If not I’ll write a letter. I guess others may have tried too.
    Pentney Parish Council

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