An Idea that won’t work! My Response to Norfolk Local Access Forum.

An Idea that won’t work! My Response to Norfolk Local Access Forum.

Have you heard of the 2026 deadline for using historical evidence to claim presently non existent Public Rights of Way?

That’s another SEVEN years for claims to be registered and Access groups have already had the last few decades already.

County Councils are about to break under the strain and the Public Rights of Way System is set to collapse because it is not fit for purpose.

Here’s the quote from Norfolk Access Forum.

“It was noted that Worcestershire Local Access Forum had submitted formal advice to Defra seeking postponement of the 2026 deadline due to Worcestershire County Council’s inability to clear the current backlog of Definitive Map Modification Orders in time (Appendix 5). The PROW subgroup recommended that the NLAF supported this approach.”

Please tell me just HOW extending a deadline is going to help clear a backlog! There are just going to be more and more and more applications because there will be more and more and more time to put applications in.


Whatever Council it is has a HUGE backlog so can’t get round to sorting out ANY application for quite a few YEARS.

Just as only ONE example Somerset CC has a back log of over 300 applications.( and rapidly rising!) It deals with approximately 10 per year. Well it doesn’t take a great mathematician to work out how many years that might take them!!!!

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