Monday 5th Did you know that ANYONE can put in a claim for a right of way if they happen to find an old map ( say circa 1886 and 1930) and it has Footpath marked on it. It might be the footpath that in 1886 the local vicar used to get from his rectory to the church ( to save him from having to walk too far.) of course it now goes straight through someone’s living room ?( I can hear the laughter)

Unfortunately this is serious reality!

Now eventually something might get sorted out. If you are lucky it might not take too many years! Of course if you want to move or sell your house in the meantime I am afraid that you are not likely to have many takers!

Tuesday 6th Ruminating on the Vicars Footpath, there’s another one that goes straight to the pub.

I went to church on Sunday. No one walked, not even the Vicar.

Wednesday 7th In 2026 you will not be able to base a claim on historical documents which, of course, is the reason that the Ramblers are beavering away claiming anything and everything used or unused, existing or non existing. They even run courses on how to find old historical documents.

And, they do not care if it goes through your living room, your kitchen, your dining room, your bedroom or indeed just your garden ( I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies!!!)

We write to NCC solicitor as we have now been waiting quite a few weeks since the order went to the Secretary of State.

To add further insult to injury my husband and I haven’t even heard anything ‘officially’. It just shows how much a private landowner/householder matters!!!!

Thursday 8th I’ve told Lord Gardiner about the one that goes through someone’s house. The Telegraph were reporting on another one last week.

Friday 9th Someone else writes to say that they are devastated by a claim that a footpath and bridleway goes through their garden.

Yet again, no right of way exists and they had the usual solicitors searches.

Again I would urge everyone to check if they have any footpaths in their vicinity. Get house insurance to cover costs if in any doubt at all that there could be a claim.

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