Monday 21st My thoughts today were on anonymity. It occurred to me that very often the names of ‘claimers’ of private property are withheld whereas the victims of the claim( householder/landowner are published anywhere and everywhere for public scrutiny. Vicious comments or unpleasant confrontations at the site of a ‘perceived’ but not proven right of way have to be suffered for any number of years. In the line of ‘bear baiting’ I have discovered.

Tuesday 22nd “Bureaucrats are eating away at democracy” says Matt Ridley of the Telegraph

Wednesday23rd I hear that the infamous Peppard case is still ‘festering’ away. After 50 years this path was proved not to be public. There is now a claim of it being a bridleway. Despite legal advice,   SCC officers simply refuse to admit / agree that  the Application is now “invalid”…..given there is NO FP L.12/33   which  “ought to be”  a Public Bridleway.   Therefore they refuse to return the Application to the Applicant – i.e.South Somerset Bridleways Association.

At the weekend I visit the local heritage display. Very revealing that absolutely no evidence suggests that there was ever a road from Thompson to Sparrow Hill.

One thought on “ANN’S MYROW DIARY W/C 21st JULY 2019

  1. Please note that there are no privacy rights for you and your family nor do health and safety rights apply in these matters and common sense goes out the door. Whilst charging large Council tax fees you cannot sell your property due to the huge blight these matters place on your home. Please do not believe that public hearings will help you. There are no SWORN STATEMENTS necessary. You have no recourse to proper courts once the Independent Inspectorate makes their decision.

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