Monday 15th NCC told my adviser that the Pockthorpe inquiry would be taking place within the next eleven months and to let them know if there were any dates that he couldn’t make! They haven’t even notified us! So I suppose we are expected to keep our lives ‘on hold’ indefinitely. After five years…..what’s another one anyway!

Tuesday 16th Pockthorpe Lane is finally ‘on the agenda’ of the Parish Council. As ‘the horse has already bolted’ I will not be attending. Any opinion, action or discussion by the PC is now irrelevant and as no one in Thompson has even been informed of the catastrophic possibilities of a road through Pockthorpe Lane to Sparrow Hill I do not suppose any one much will be there. I also understand that the Parish Council have been reported as saying that there is ‘not much’ on the agenda!!!( well I suppose if you think that a road for cars,motorbikes,cyclists,horseriders and walkers isn’t of much importance perhaps there isn’t!)

Wednesday 17th in 1896 there was much more common sense around. Indeed, in order to combat Parish misdemeanours an inspector of nuisances was available to call upon. From the Parish Council records OCT 20th 1896

Pockthorpe Road Mr Smith proposes and Mr Stubbs seconded that the Inspector of Nuisances be asked to come and inspect the road at once, and give his report thereon. Also agreed that the District Council be again written to, with ref to this road, (refuting) statements made at the District Council and urging them to take steps in the matter.”

Fascinating !

Thursday 18th One HUNDRED years before we bought our cottage!!!!

April 25th 1898 It was alleged that some of the residents in Pockthorpe who hired an allotment made a gap in the fence at bottom of their gardens on to the town land and that other persons also used these paths and it was feared if this went on a right of way would be made which it would be impossible to stop. It was also urged that as each allotment contained a full quarter acre without the fence the holder had no right to touch the fence and could not trim it without the consent of the trustees. A long discussion ensued but the council came to no different decision.”

Haven’t the council been discussing Pockthorpe Lane and rights of way for a very very very long time!!!!!!!!!

Friday 19th The name Ian Witham crops up time after time on claims of PROW. It’s an obsession!!!

He wrote the following concerning Pockthorpe Lane!
“Will be especially enjoyed at a leisurely pace by pedestrians, equestrians,cyclists,and drivers of slow moving vehicles including non motorized vehicles………”

( Quite how Mr Witham can predict slow moving vehicles I am not sure. Perhaps he’s got a Chrystal ball or anticipates a great deal of muddy road! The example below is of an already Public Footpath claimed as a restricted byeway. Of course Pockthorpe Lane is NOT already a Public Footpath and the claim is of BOAT ( which DOES allow motorised vehicles!!!)

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