The Balance of Justice

The Balance of Justice

Where Public Rights of Way are concerned it is annoying and depressing that Individuals, who of course defend their own right to object to a claim on their private property, are usually the ones to suffer attack from all sides, seen as anti everything and labelled as vexatious trouble makers.

 In contrast, those individuals and pressure groups proportedly fighting for people’s rights are respected and given honours.

They celebrate ‘victories’ whilst promoting conflict.

  • Why isn’t the plain truth of the matter the most important?
  • Why is there never room for common sense?
  • Why, where possible, can’t a path be sensibly diverted.

Freedom of information records Norfolk County Council as saying ” The ramblers prefer the path to be straight”. Parish Council, County Council and inspectorates are all supposed to be, and often state, that they are neutral and only looking for the truth.

 Their duty is to look for evidence from both perspectives not to try and prove themselves right, indeed the opposite,they should try and prove themselves wrong, thereby  hopefully ending up with what is correct, whoever it favours. 

In fact, when all the knowledge, expertise and experience is stacked against individuals, councils should be duty bound to put more weight on the research for those people, to make sure that the balance of justice is served. 

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