A news article from February 2020?

A news article from February 2020?

Thompson residents are up in arms that their once peaceful and quiet Lane has become an amenity for various leisure pursuits which are steadily growing in popularity as weekend and holiday attractions.

They are protesting against Norfolk County Council and their local Parish Council, who they say, gave them no indication that such a thing could happen.

Residents are angry that they were not given the chance to ‘have their say’ or warned of the possibilities during the five years that the Councils were pursuing a claim of BOAT ( Byway Open to All Traffic) as a continuation of Pockthorpe Lane. One resident said that he didn’t know anything about it until motorbikes started roaring past his door on a Sunday afternoon.

Another complained of being unable to get out of his driveway for some considerable time because of the ‘traffic’ not having any passing space on sections of the road. “It is ridiculous” said one homeowner ”horses,cyclists,motorbikes and big cars all trying to get backwards and forwards to Sparrow Hill “there’s nothing there anyway, and they just have to come back again. It’s just a muddy mess “ she grumbled.

A spokesperson for Norfolk County Council said that it had been their duty to investigate the claim and that the inquiry inspector could only take into consideration the order before him. No personal inconvenience or other residential considerations were permitted to be taken into account.

The Parish Council Chairman issued a statement to say that the council had been aware that a road had never actually existed and had informed NCC of this. However, they felt that they had been wrongly advised by NCC and that they were not responsible as it was ‘out of their hands’.

The organisations now promoting and advertising use of the new amenity were very pleased that their members could now peacefully enjoy the countryside.

Mrs A Scott whose garden the road now goes through said that she had fought this battle for five years and continually tried to warn Thompson residents of the possible consequences of the claim. She added that it had been an enormous strain on her and her family for five years and she had no further comment to make.

2 thoughts on “A news article from February 2020?

  1. This could be so true unless residents wake up to what is happening and help stop it!
    Come on Thompson, once it’s happened it’s too late!

  2. This is obviously your worst nightmare. I suggest you find where trail and minibikes are ridden, Take pictures or a video of them in action . Post it on your website. Do the same exercise with “horsey activities” especially if you can find a fox hunt. This will demonstrate the demonstrate damage to the environment. This can forecast what could happen to your garden.

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