Monday 24th An interesting exchange of ideas about the definition of ‘street’. “The normal term in OE for a paved way or Roman road, later extended to other roads, urban streets, and in SE dialects to a street of dwellings, a straggling village or hamlet” [Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names]. Originally of Roman roads (Watling Street, Icknield Street). “In the Middle Ages, a road or way was merely a direction in which people rode or went, the name street being reserved for the made road” [Weekley].

Comment: Exactly!   A paved way.  So, when exactly was it paved beyond End Cottage? 

Tuesday 25th Thought about that last comment. Of course Norfolk County Council claim, that through and from my garden was ‘tar patched’ because tanks using the route to Stanford battle area used it ‘frequently’.

  • One would expect even to this day that there would be at least some evidence of this.
  • ‘tar patched in 1930/40 ?but not even the slightest hint of a road on any map?
  • 1941 farm survey map shows farmland and NO ROAD!
  • why would ‘frontagers’ contribute to the cost of a road on which no one lived and went nowhere?
  • As well as asking for ‘tar patching, frontagers were asking for electricity along the lane. If the lane extended past END COTTAGE it would have had no need of either because no one lived along it.

Wednesday26th in case you have never heard of a RUPP, it is a Road Used as a Public Footpath. This definition is no longer used but has caused many problems in its reclassifications.

It was therefore clear from the beginning that RUPP’s had at least bridleway rights. This view was later confirmed by the Court of Appeal in ‘R v Secretary of State for the Environment ex parte Hood (1975)’ followed by Department of the Environment Circular 123/1977. What was not clear was which routes carried vehicular rights. This was because the 1949 Act did not require an investigation of such rights.

Thursday 27th For interest: A track with a gate across it  [historically]  is O.S. symbology for an Occupation Road……soft [grass]  or hard….’stoned’….

Friday 28th I begin an enquiry into where the lane boundaries are.

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