Sunday 16th News of another case lost. A process which takes an indefinite number of years and ruins lives and livelihoods. It will be appealed and fought of course but one has to ask at what cost and I am not referring to money!

Monday 17th Comment from a colleague “ ……… without a bottomless pit of cash it’s hard to win.”

Tuesday 18th Deafened by the sound of silence from Norfolk County Council.

Wednesday 19th There is now not one day passes when ‘rights of way’ emails between ‘victims’ are not exchanged. It causes me to reflect upon the effect that the now instant exchange of information, knowledge and expertise has had on the seemingly unqwuentionable thirst to claim never ending public access rights anywhere and everywhere.

Where once Councils could intimidate someone with legal jargon, official letters and fear of costs they now have a much harder job.

It has become clear to me that Councils are trying to use a system they refuse to see as no longer fit for purpose… is crumbling……where once it worked and they could manipulate, use veiled threats and frighten people as they saw fit, they no longer can…..they don’t even know what the rules are anymore!

Thursday 20th it is quite interesting how second look at something can trigger fresh thoughts or you can suddenly see something you didn’t notice before. I had a re look at the Parish Minutes. NCC have gone to great lengths to study the Council and Highway Minutes but the failed to even take a sideways glance at the local minutes written by those who actually know the area!

Friday 21st Now I wonder why the Parish Council would be asking for a turning area if the road didn’t end in a cul de sac? Why would they ask for a No Through road sign if the road actually continued on to Sparrow Hill.

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