Monday 2nd Well I certainly have some interesting reading this week! All the ‘evidence’ on which the council intend to base their claim of a Byway Open to All Traffic through my garden.

Tuesday 3rd A lot of photocopying! Five A4 files of it to be exact!

Wednesday 4th There appears to be only one ‘sticking point’ with whether or not the council should quash their own order for a BOAT through my garden. WAS POCKTHORPE LANE ON THE LIST OF STREETS IN 2006?

If it was NOT then the Order cannot be made.

Thursday 5th The Council, therefore cannot assume without doubt that the LOS description means anything other than the existing and maintained present highway.

It is accepted that “Pockthorpe Lane to the end” would have been included on the List of Streets before 2006

Where “the end” of the Lane is exactly, is not stated.

The Council have no legal proof that Pockthorpe Lane extended to Sparrow Hill, as the the old minutes are not conclusive and the old road schedules were an in-house working document.

Friday 6th More thoughts. If it wasn’t ridiculous, incompetent, undemocratic, stressful, and expensive to the public purse, it would be funny!!

  • A TOTALLY NON EXISTENT SOFT ROAD listed as “maintained by the council” on the current up to date official List of Streets.
  • An attempt to “Stop up a TOTALLY NON EXISTENT SOFT ROAD at a projected cost to the public purse of around £8000 .
  • A Public Enquiry to claim A TOTALLY NON EXISTENT SOFT ROAD. Cost to the public purse (depending on Barrister, county Solicitor, PROW Officer time, expenses and venue costs) upwards of £6000.
  • Cost to put in place a NEW SOFT ROAD ( clear scrubland, take down ancient trees, make good through meadow, put up sign posting and continued maintenance ) Well who knows? No prizes for guesses.
  • Ongoing costs associated with complaints about 4×4 use, motorbike noise and damage, who knows that either?

A road of no use to local villagers because it goes nowhere.

Saturday 7th I take a look at the other roads in the village on the List of Streets. I have lived here FORTY YEARS and I discover that I do not know where Shakers Lane is. I do now!

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