Sunday 26th Trying to understand just why NCC are still getting it wrong. To explain. They cannot make an order if a route is……

1.NOT on the definitive map AND

2. NOT on the List of Streets in 2006.

I say that applies to my route. They say it doesn’t.

Think of my Lane as part one and part two. Part one, the Lane, ends at End Cottage. Part two is the non existing ( and has never existed) part of the Lane that NCC are claiming is a BOAT.

Part one is on the list of streets and was on the list of streets in 2006. Part two was obviously NOT included because it didn’t exist. However, NCC claim that Part one includes Part two, so therefore the WHOLE Lane was on the List of Streets in 2006.

BIG QUESTION? How can Norfolk County Council say that the route, or the non existing part two of the Lane, was on the List of Streets at all? Of course it wasn’t!

Just in case anyone thinks “ah yes but part two is on a old ‘schedule’ list” I should point out………

that an unused, over EIGHTY year old INTERNAL working document with many crossings out and errors does NOT constitute being a List of Streets and is no legal basis on which to claim anything!

Wednesday 29th I arrive home to see a man and his dog wandering round my garden!!! Past the no right of way sign and beyond the gate.
I ask if he is looking for me…….no I’m looking for the footpath, it was here 5 years ago, and I walked it 30 years ago…….

“who are you,” says I…”oh just walking” he says but then proceeds to try and argue the toss about my private land being a footpath. I told him that I wasn’t prepared to discuss the situation with him and that he should telephone NCC…………I reminded him as he was walking off  

“I consider that as you have ignored the no right of way sign and barrier, that you are actually trespassing on my land”. 

Friday 31st May Well I am spot on with my prediction. James from Legal is away on holiday. Lawerence sends the NCC evidence! What a load of absolute drivel!!


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