Stress caused by Map Errors. Suffolk News from Debbie

Stress caused by Map Errors. Suffolk News from Debbie

We have written 4 letters to the OpenSpacesMap Group over a period of 6 months, requesting them not to show our driveway as a public road and to remove the 2 illegal label-markers showing our driveway as the FonnereauWay.

This has caused the public firstly to think my driveway is a public road and secondly to think the road is called the Fonnereau way.

This has caused unwanted stress and unwanted traffic coming up our driveway looking for a cut through or to park and go for a walk. 

Anyone driving along the public road now sees a side road on their SatNav called the Fonnereau Way coming up my drive! 

After a long struggle with the OpenSpacesMap group, obviously run by ramblers and public contributions, we have now made contact with a sensible OpenSpacesMap employee who has finally added the label “private access” at the start of my driveway and reverted the OpenSpacesMap back to showing our driveway as a private drive and the employee has finally removed the two illegal markers showing our driveway as the Fonnereau Way! 

 No permission has ever been given to mark our driveway as the Fonnereau Way and both SCC and IBC acknowledge that fact in writing.

Furthermore no permission will EVER be given!

All unwanted stress and hassle!!!

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