Ann’s Myrow Diary W/C 15th April

Ann’s Myrow Diary W/C 15th April

Sunlight on “The BOAT”

Can you imagine two way traffic through this garden?

Sunday 15th – Friday 20th Visiting Wales.

One silver lining in joining together with rights of way colleagues is that you get to meet with many other interesting people from all walks of life and parts of the country.

Saturday 21st Much email discussion concerning ‘delegated powers’ used by County Councils.

Norfolk CC used those powers to deny my human rights to ‘be heard’.

Legislation concerning ‘delegation’ and the policy document of Norfolk County Council states that controversial issues must be referred to members.

I cannot see what could be more controversial than enforcing public rights over someone’s private land with untested ‘evidence’that those rights even exist!

Norfolk County Council ‘added’,what they alone considered to be a maintained highway, to their list of streets and interactive map. They decided by a unilateral and ‘delegated’ decision.

This is unlawful.

 Let’s face it, the whole thing rests on a ‘working document’ of an old schedule of ‘soft roads’. ( not used for 80years because they had the final result of their considerations) 

The old 1930 working ‘list of soft roads’ would certainly not have been archived, never to see the light of day until 2016, if it had ever been considered as a final and current document.

In my opinion the original rights of Way Officer ‘Marcia’ considered that this ‘ working document’  constituted ‘ the list of streets’. At our meeting a few years ago with NCC she actually said so . My advisor said “but this is NOT the list of streets”!! She made no comment and obviously did not change her (flawed) opinion.

Sunday 21st My advisor will be contacting ‘James’ yet again next week. It is now over a year since an order was made. (This order gets sent to the Secretary of State who then checks that it fulfils requirements and sanctions a public inquiry.)

Should ‘James’ happen to think that Norfolk County Council are ‘barking up the wrong tree’ ( as they are) he might just say so and save the public purse a few thousand pounds.

Perhaps that’s why it has taken Norfolk County Council over a year to put a stamp on an envelope?

Unfortunately for ‘victims’ of their claims they can take indefinitely to even find a stamp!

2 thoughts on “Ann’s Myrow Diary W/C 15th April

  1. Ann certainly had a ‘change of issue’ and ‘scenery’ when visiting Wales ….but what was common ground is the tremendous help she gave me is dealing with an injustice unrelated to public rights of way but in which my local Council is a main player.

  2. That’s very nice of you to say so Karen. Over the last five years I have received a great deal of support myself so it is good to be able to give a bit back occasionally. I haven’t forgotten all your help at Norwich records office last summer!

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