Marlene’s My Row Diary W/C 8th April 2019

Marlene’s My Row Diary W/C 8th April 2019

April 2019

Monday 8th I am involved in a case which concerns a claim for a Public Bridleway on a “Drove”. Documents are needed from the National Archives. SCC should have these but as usual it looks as if it’s down to me to travel all the way to Kew to get them in order to secure the proper and readable documents.

Tuesday 9th The Drove was awarded as “Private” under the legal and historic procedure known as “Inclosure”  – which of course was always the inclosure of Commons and Waste lands. I’m off to Kew!

Wednesday 10th The alleged “evidence” for the claim was the word “public” as applied to “road” in an Ordnance Survey document. Now,  anyone with a modicum of experience related to O.S. maps and Rights of Way knows that in 1905 the law decided that O.S. maps are only “evidence” as to “existence”  – not legal status. 

It should be a matter of “end of….”The question that must be asked, loudly is, “why public money and resources are blatantly wasted on such a claim?”

Thursday 11th Thoughts on ‘My little visits to Kew’.No self service copying any more. Apparently there were far too many complaints from people that the ‘free’ cameras were not working properly.
Now if I want a good true copy of anything it has to go to the Copying dept……£1.35 per A3 copy……and takes a couple of weeks…..
Previously I could photo the documents from the N/A fixed camera and it would send either to your own home e-mail/computer OR to the  large photocopier in the corner….and get printed….and each copy was 30 p.
The staff were quite indignant that a “free facility” received so many Complaints… they just stopped offering it……oh dear!

Friday12th Working on, amongst other things, Strict Settlement and O.S. definition of ‘public road’.

Saturday 13th Finally finish a Draft Report of Findings concerning the WILDLIFE AND COUNTRYSIDE ACT 1981: …….for another victim.

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