Ann’s Myrow Diary W/C 8th April

Ann’s Myrow Diary W/C 8th April

April 2019

Saturday 6th The idea for a Myrow website where victims of Public Rights of Way claims can have a voice and band together to help and support each other.

Sunday 7th We have a domain name.

Monday 8th We are up and running. Now to find out what people want. Marlene started the whole thing off by wanting a ‘BLOG’. I am not convinced that she actually knew what a BLOG was!

Tuesday 9th Constructing a website is proving a steeper learning curve than I thought.

  • Someone has a problem in Hampshire.
  • Trish in Hants has been alerted.
  • The Long Drove case rumbles on.
  • A call for help from ‘facebook’
  • I learn how to put photographs onto Marlene likes the Peppard picture but NOT the 80th “foot” birthday cake!

Wednesday 10th I draft an email letter to Baroness Bakewell. She had kindly replied to my email concerning her speech in the House of Lords. Several access groups have suggested that there should be an extension to 2026 , the cut off date to rely on historical documents to claim ‘lost’ footpaths.

I’m not really quite sure how or where they lost them!

Thursday 11th Still no email from James Crosskill about my own BOAT. James is the ‘face’ of Norfolk County Council legal Dept. He has the Order for a BOAT through my home. All he has to do is put a stamp on the envelope and send it to the Secretary of State. That’s now taken a couple of years! Perhaps he can’t make up his mind what to do, as the Law (NERC) actually says that a BOAT can’t be claimed if it’s ;

  • Not on the Definitive Map
  • Not on the List of Streets in 2006

He has been advised by my own ‘expert’ to quash the Order.

He says he’s going to make up his mind by April. Can someone tell him what the date is please?

Saturday 13th Added to Info about Alan’s Book “The Path and I “ and Marlene’s success with the Peppard Case.

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