Could your property be the target of one of the 50,000 miles of random ‘lost footpath’ claims by the Ramblers?Check your insurance cover!

Could your property be the target of one of the 50,000 miles of random ‘lost footpath’ claims by the Ramblers?Check your insurance cover!

The Ramblers are now gearing up to mount scatter gun claims on a 50,000 mile area of the UK. There are set to be many more victims among these random claims. People who are totally unaware that their property or garden will be targeted. People who think ‘it can’t happen to me’. My strong advice to everyone is check your insurance NOW!

I am a 72 year old pensioner and I am the victim of a Public Right of Way claim through my garden, for the last SEVEN years ( and counting).

Along with other friends who also suffer from this blight on their lives, we hope to help ourselves and others who find themselves alone in an unjust, unfair and archaic system.

Tom Tortoise protesting about possible fast moving traffic on Ann’s claimed BOAT.

17 thoughts on “Could your property be the target of one of the 50,000 miles of random ‘lost footpath’ claims by the Ramblers?Check your insurance cover!

    1. At least we are up and running. ( well walking!!!……but not through people’s gardens…..🙄)
      Direct friends to the site!

  1. We have had a 15 year fight regarding an unjust claim made on part of our property corrupt from start to finish .we are in s wales .The whole matter has been a most dreadful experience we feel the whole system is against us

  2. Ellen, please send me any reports,news,ideas, your own story or diary of events etc that you would like on this website. As we have said, it is intended as a voice for victims!
    Post to
    I wholeheartedly agree, the whole ‘system’ IS against us and no longer fit for purpose. I am however, firmly of the opinion that in the not too distant future it will collapse. With rights of way being claimed through people’s living rooms, a thirty year waiting list for modification orders in Somerset County Council, decisions and orders being frequently overturned having cost thousands and thousands pounds of public money, it is becoming unsustainable.

    1. Our unjust issue is now going to be heard at a public enquiry end of April …today I have a meeting here in south wales on my farm with Andy Dunlop also Mrs Bradley of the Kirklees Fiasco ….we fight on !!!

  3. re ann and ellen we are with you all the way we have blocked our access it seems to have worked, keep at it, and look forward to common sense and justice.

  4. Our nightmare began in 2003 with a confirmed bridleway route down my drive and across the front of my house through my garden. Shropshire Council are now trying to call it a Highway enabling large road repair machinary to be used in order to repair a privately owned bridge which has collapsed due to Council negligence. The sheer hostility animosity and local village nastiness that has resulted is hard to describe. My local MP is currently trying to get a response from the Secretary of State as this latest move by the Council is simply wrong. The words Common Sense do not exist in the Ramblers vocabulary. Please add me to any protest list which you may have.

    1. Have you had proper expert advice Maggie? The whole scenario sounds very suspicious. All public footpaths,bridleways,BOATS , restricted byways and vehicular roads are highways. The only definition which counts is the one made on the order. The Council have no power to change anything of their own violation.

  5. Please don’t rely on or be fooled by A PUBLIC HEARING. Unless it is on a point of law you cannot challenge the decision it is final. Even the statements made can be just lies and ramblings and are not SWORN STATEMENTS. ANYONE can make a statement THERE IS NO FAIRNESS IN A PUBLIC ENQUIRY.

    1. The whole system is archaic and not fit for purpose. Inquiries involving claims made over someones private property should be in a court of law. They should not be decided by one person, unqualified in law and in many cases a County Council ex PROW officer. The government also have a deregulation bill only waiting for a signature. Why?

  6. hi ann you say check your insurance please let me tell you the insurance company will not take a dispute on unless over 60% chance of success
    they tell you after receiving your £250
    access charge .

  7. Perhaps it depends on insurance companies and how the cover is worded. Obviously the cover has to be in place well before there is an application order, which is why any home owner should check that any insurance they take out includes it. Also, the insurance does not kick in until there is an official order. If an order has already been made then no cover would be available. It was a happy accident that I discovered I was covered by NFU although it took a few months of argument until they agreed to honour the clause in their own policy. As far as I am aware you also cannot claim any costs until your case actually goes to inquiry.

    1. hi ann thanks for replying .its a long story but very briefly we were covered long before any dispute we argued for three years with the insurance co their solicitors the underwriters and the FOS finely
      we received £200 from the insurance co and £200 compensation from their solicitors. we went to
      our local solicitor in no time we were successful. our footpath is now %100 free of troublesome walkers. nigel and sheila

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